Installing Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud – one month trial to test the full-fledged protection

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is an enterprise grade endpoint protection solution with simple cloud based centralised management console and all the enterprise features such as exploit prevention, machine learning, web antivirus, web and device control. Protection for Windows, Mac and mobile devices is included. This solution is for companies sized from 10 to 1000 endpoints.

To try the solution and enjoy it one month for free go to, click the red button labelled “Sign up” and create an account.

After this, sign in with these credentials and create a “New company” by clicking the corresponding button and filling all details.


A workspace will be created for the company and you will receive a message. To open the workspace, click the link in the message or simply log on to your account on the portal. Web portal uses port 8080, so make sure that you have this port opened.

When opening a workspace for the first time, you need to accept additional agreements and specify proxy server parameters if there are any. Accept the license agreement of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows. It is to be done only once. Later, you will connect computers without any agreements. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud uses proxy server parameters to connect to the management server. If computer cannot connect to the Internet directly, and you have not configured proxy server parameters in the workspace, you will not be able to connect Kaspersky Endpoint Security to the management server.

Finally, accept the Kaspersky Security Network agreement.

To download the Kaspersky Endpoint Security package to an endpoint:

  • Navigate to the “Distribution packages” and click “Download” button next to “Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 for Windows”. It will take some time to download about 220MB.
  • Run this package on your endpoint(s). This will install the protection component and, in about 5 minutes, it will appear in the web management console, “Devices”.

To change security settings you can navigate “Security profiles”.

To assign different security profiles to different computers, you have to create “Users” and assign devices to these users. After that, you will be able to assign different security profiles to different users if you need.

You can always navigate to help pages by clicking “Help” on the left hand side.


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