If your server had been hit by the cryptovirus like criptolocker and you have recent backup you can restore cripted files to original directory. 

But you able to meet small issue, since people have been working on and updating files, you cannot just replace an entire folder.

What you do need to do is tell robocopy to find cripted files, then replace the file (overwrite it). Otherwise it could take a long time tio restore everything the backup has.

ROBOCOPY F:\source\ C:\destination\ *.odt *.ods *.odp *.odm *.odc *.odb *.doc *.docx *.docm *.wps *.xls *.xlsx *.xlsm *.xlsb *.xlk *.ppt *.pptx *.pptm *.mdb *.accdb *.pst *.dwg *.dxf *.dxg *.wpd *.rtf *.wb2 *.mdf *.dbf *.psd *.pdd *.pdf *.eps *.ai *.indd *.cdr *.jpg *.jpe *.jpg *.dng *.3fr *.arw *.srf *.sr2 *.bay *.crw *.cr2 *.dcr *.kdc *.erf *.mef *.mrw *.nef *.nrw *.orf *.raf *.raw *.rwl *.rw2 *.r3d *.ptx *.pef *.srw *.x3f *.der *.cer *.crt *.pem *.pfx *.p12 *.p7b *.p7c *.txt /R:0 /S /IS

You can add multithread copy adding /MT:8 – beginning from windows 7(Windows Server2008R2)

Robocopy avaliable in the Tech Page


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