• ICMP issue troubleshooting between esxi guests

    Issue recently appeared that 2 guests out of 50 not response to ICMP from another vCenter VMs.

    Source and destination on the same proadcast domain stratched accross all

  • NSX Edge Unable to Resolve Hostname

    This acricle based on VMware KB 68035: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/68035

    So, ESG installed, however having error under log:

  • Nested Ubuntu KVM on esxi

    Here I will collect main steps to deploy UbuntuKVM on esxi for NSX-T deployment for testing purposes.

    1. Install NSX-T version 2.4.1

    2. Install Ubuntu 16.04.2 as most compatable

  • NSX-T v2.4.1 Installation

    Why NSX-t v2.4.1: I am currently want to stick to VMware Validated Design VVD 5.1

    1. Log in to the vCenter via vSphere client, right click the cluster and click “Deploy OVF

  • NSX controller reboot

    Sometimes you can see errors that one of the NSX controllers not healthy.

    First, try to SSH to the applience and check logs.

    Also, good practice to restart

  • NSX Firewall Rules investigation


  • vCenter Enhanced Authentication Plugin Not Working

    ISSUE: When navigating to your vCenter Web Client (Flash) page, the browser no longer allows you to check the “Use Windows session authentication” box.

    FIX: need to

  • NSX controllers /var/log usage - 100%

    NSX Manager version: 6.4.1
    Appeared in earlier versions too.

    Issue: The /var/log is full with 100% utilization for all 3 Controllers.
    root@nsx-controller [ /var/log ]# df

  • NSX Engeneering mode

    This is basically a root bash shell on the underlying Linux based appliance. From here, system configuration files and scripts as well as most normal Linux functions can be

  • Enable RSS in the ESXi host

    To take full advantage of the Intel® Converged Network Adapter's capabilities, enable Receive Side
    Scaling (RSS) in the ESXi host to balance the CPU load across multiple cores. Refer to the

  • VMware CLI notes

    Some useful NSX CLI commands:

    System related:

    • ESXi build and version numbers
      esxcli system version
  • Step by Step - Upgrade NSX 6.3.5 to NSX 6.4.1

    In the realease notes you will find a description of all the news ...

  • vRNI expired login error

    vRNI was installed and configured, but we forgot to put proper license and after demo license expired, we was locked down to put active license into environment.

    Some work

  • ESXi change scratch persistence to /tmp/scratch

    After I decided to have VSAN on my small home lab, I looked up some

  • Connect GNS3 to ESXi

    GNS3 server is running on a VM (ESXi host). Second interface eth1 connects from the VM to the default vSwitch0.  The interface tap0 is a loopback interface on the GNS3 server, which I used

  • VMware PowerCLI start notes

    VMware PowerCLI 10.0.0 is the new release of PowerCLI and the first to become multi-platform: it adds support for Mac OS and Linux!

    Thanks to Microsoft PowerShell Core 6.0, the

  • vCenter - current connection state of the host

    I just had an issue with vCenter 6.0 and ESXi 6.0 where I was unable to deploy OVF power on a VM.

    The error which I was faced with was a relatively generic message based on the host

  • vSphere: ESXi behind NAT (vCenter connection)


    I have recently had the requirement to put a NAT router performing NAT overload between an ESXi server and it's respective vCenter server. According to VMware ...

  • Trunt (VLAN Tagging) to VMs on ESXi

    Sometimes you need pass through Trunk to VMs on ESXi emvitonment. Ex: Nested ESXi with NSX.

    To set a standard vSwitch portgroup to trunk mode:

    1. Edit host networking
  • VMware ping duplicates issue (DUP!)

    I am getting lot of duplicate packets when i ping from host to host or from gusers on different hosts:

    64 bytes from icmp_seq=169 ttl=64 time=0.930 ms
    64 bytes from

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