• Renewing NSX-T Local certificates

    This article focusing on the main piont to help to renew the local NSX-T sertificates:
    Use REST API requests by Postman for example.
    use admin credentials to make API requests.
    STEP x: Generate self signed certificate:
    Make sure that when this certificate was imported, the option Service Certificate was set to No
    STEPx: Validate the cetrificate:
    - The basic API call for this is: GET https://<nsx-mgr>/api/v1/trust-management/certificates/<cert-id>?action=validate>
    Responce shuld be: "status": "OK"
    POST https://<nsx-local-mgr>/api/v1/trust-management/certificates?action=set_pi_certificate_for_federation
        "cert_id": "c5f13ec0-8075-441e-80b5-aeb707f6b87e",
        "service_type": "LOCAL_MANAGER"
    Main article for more information:
    After implementation test:
    Search the cert ID and section "used_by" should represent where the cert is in use.
  • NSX-T randomly stopped services

    If you experining the SSH unavaliability on the NSX-T, probably one of the reason is that SSH serivece not running,
    To start SSH servces on the NSX-V, you have to use vCenter to havedirect access to the NSX applience.
  • NSX-T Password expired issue

    Just recently connected to my test NSX-T environment and found that my password is espired.
    Actually it is admin credentials. See picture below:
    NSXT password expired
    Fix is eazy, just SSH to the host and update the admin passwrd.
    You are required to change your password immediately (password aged)
    WARNING: Your password has expired.
    You must change your password now and login again!
    Changing password for admin.
    (current) UNIX password:
    New password:
    Retype new password:
    After updating the password over CLI, you can successfuly login over UI.
    Password expiration is 90 days by default.
    To avoind this issue in the future we can extend expiration dates using next command:
    set user admin password-expiration 9999
    To check the expiration date:
    get user admin password-expiration
    Thu Nov 09 2021 UTC 00:36:18.240
    Password expires 9970 days after last change. Current password will expire in 9970 days.
  • NSX-V to NSX-T Migration: universal objects

    We are planning to process with NSX to vSphere to NSX-T migration.

  • NSX-T issue: Some appliance components are not functioning properly

    One of the NSX-T nodes reporting "Some appliance components are not functioning properly" and web page is down.
  • NSX-T node deployment stuck in "Waiting To Register Host"

    During the auto deployment installation of additional NSX node using User Interface (UI), the NSX Node displays a status of "Waiting to Register VM" indefinitely.
    Issues could be differet and must be checked case by case.
    Workaround is do delete the node with issues over API.
    First check all your deployments and grab vm_id.
    Delete the node using next command:
    Issue with the deloyment in my case was laydown in NFS storage. Simly moving the delpoyment VM target to anither type of storage, solved issue.

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