• OpenWRT PPTP Server

    opkg install pptpd kmod-mppe

    == /etc/pptpd.conf ==

    option /etc/ppp/options.pptpd
    speed 115200
    stimeout 10
  • OpenWRT vsftpd - server

    1. Open firewall. edit /etc/config/firewall

    config rule
  • notes - iptables

    /etc/init.d/firefall reset - reload iptables rules

    --- Rules to allow local trafic and DNS from LAN to WAN interface

  • Enable remote SSH access on OpenWRT

    Enabling remote SSH access in OpenWRT is a two-step process. SSH access must be enabled on the WAN, and the SSH port must be opened in the firewall.
    1. Enable ssh access on the WAN Go to


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