Section 7 - Perform Advanced VMware NSX Troubleshooting

Objective 7.1 - Troubleshoot Common VMware NSX Installation/Configuration Issues
  • Troubleshoot NSX Manager services
  • Download Technical Supports logs from NSX Manager
  • Troubleshoot host preparation issues
  • Troubleshoot NSX Controller cluster status, roles and connectivity
  • Troubleshoot Logical Switch transport zone and NSX Edge mappings
  • Troubleshoot Logical Router interface and route mappings
  • Troubleshoot distributed and edge firewall implementations
Troubleshoot NSX Manager services:

There are two logs to have a good look at (1) the NSX Manager log and (2) the System log.
These commands are:

- show log manager 
- show log system
- show log system follow

Troubleshoot host preparation issues:

- Check the Communication Channel Health. Run this option on either the cluster or host level.

- Check the ESX Agent Manager. This is responsible for automating vSphere agents. Check this from Web Client under vCenter Server Extensions.

vcix nv 711

Troubleshoot NSX Controller cluster status, roles and connectivity:

- show control-cluster status
- show control-cluster roles
- show control-cluster connections