Why NSX-t v2.4.1: I am currently want to stick to VMware Validated Design VVD 5.1

1. Log in to the vCenter via vSphere client, right click the cluster and click “Deploy OVF Template…”  of NSX-T.

2. Answer all the quiestions and deploy the instance.

3. Login to the instance.

4. Add vCenters as compute manager. Go to Fabric -> Computer Managers -> Add

5. Configure NSX on ESXi or KVM. Go to Fabric -> Nodes. Add host to the Nodes.




N-VDS is a new construct which comes with NSX-T. It is like a distributed switch within vSphere, but managed entirely through NSX-T.  Because of the fact that NSX-T supports multiple entities, like hypervisors, clouds and so on, it was necessary to use a construct that was not bound to vSphere. So an N-VDS can be created and connected to ESXi hosts, KVM-hosts, bare-metal servers and clouds.

N-VDS’s use uplinks to connect to the physical world. The creation of an N-VDS is done when creating a Transport Zone and the name cannot be changed afterwards (or at least I have not found a way yet).