How to read SonicWall .exp export configuration files

Following these procedures will also allow you to read SonicWall exported backup files & compare text based configurations across firewalls if you so desire.


1. Download backup of firewall (.exp) to computer c:\temp

2. To decode the backup file (base64) you need to open the file in Notepad++ and remove the two ampersands (&) at the end of the file.

3. Save file (.xps) and exit

4. at cmd (as admin) go to directory C:\temp

5. Type "certutil -decode filename.exp filename.txt

6. Review the output of the command looking for "decode command completed successfully".

7. with Notepad++ open the newly created .txt file (filename.txt)

8. The output will be one large character string. You need to use the Notepad++ find and replace tool to make this text readable. Click on "Search" menu option & select "Replace".

9. Make sure the search mode is set to "Extended".

10. in the "Find what:" field type in "&"

11. in the "Replace with:" field type in "\n"

12. Click "Replace All"

13. Save your file with a new name in the location that you'd prefer.

14. If you'd like to compare two different files against each other simply use the Notepad++, install the plugin "Compare" from the Plugin Manager.

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