R1(config)#  crypto isakmp policy 1
R1(config-isakmp)# encr 3des
R1(config-isakmp)# hash sha
R1(config-isakmp)# authentication pre-share
R1(config-isakmp)# group 2
R1(config-isakmp)# lifetime 86400

R1(config)# crypto isakmp key firewallcx address

R1(config)# ip access-list extended VPN-TRAFFIC
R1(config-ext-nacl)# permit ip

R1(config)# crypto ipsec transform-set TS esp-3des esp-md5-hmac

R1(config)# crypto map CMAP 10 ipsec-isakmp

R1(config-crypto-map)# set peer
R1(config-crypto-map)# set transform-set TS
R1(config-crypto-map)# match address VPN-TRAFFIC
R1(config)# interface FastEthernet0/1
R1(config- if)# crypto map CMAP

R1(config)# interface FastEthernet0/1
R1(config- if)# crypto map CMAP

R1(config)# ip nat inside source list 100 interface fastethernet0/1 overload

R1(config)# access-list 100 remark -=[Define NAT Service]=-
R1(config)# access-list 100 deny ip
R1(config)# access-list 100 permit ip any
R1(config)# access-list 100 remark

The above commands define the following (in listed order):

3DES - The encryption method to be used for Phase 1.
MD5 - The hashing algorithm
Pre-share - Use Pre-shared key as the authentication method
Group 2 - Diffie-Hellman group to be used
86400 – Session key lifetime. Expressed in either kilobytes (after x-amount of traffic, change the key) or seconds. Value set is the default value.

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