StorageCraft ShadowProtect and ImageManager installation for small office (Hyper V, SBS, Terminal Server, etc.):

Part 1: Installation and configuration StorageCraft ShadowProtect:

1. Download StarageCraft ShadowProtect Installer for (Desktop, Server, Small Business, Virtual)
2. Install StorageCraft ShadowProtect on HV (make sure Server .NET Framefork 3.5 Feature already installed).
     - Skip diagnostic (just for new installation)
     - custom
     - Deselect Virtual Boot and Backup Agent
     - Make sure selected Management Console, Mount Services, ISO Tool, SPDiagn Tool
     - Do not restart HV
3. Install StorageCraft ShadowProtect on Client (Host)
     - Skip diagnostic (just for new installation)
     - custom
     - Make sure selected just Backup Agent, SnapShot Driver, Mount services
     - Do not restart VMs
4. Restart over night the Servers.
5. Create ShadowProtect folder on a NAS drive.
6. Create folders for each server into ShadowProtect folder.
7. Add servers into ShadowProtect Management View on a HyperV.
8. Connect to each server under ShadowProtect and add destination.
9. Create new job for each server.
10. Create email notification through: select Options > Agent Options. Email to address: backupfailures@... and send test email.
Check Send email on Failure: On.

Notes: Change firewall rules if you receive RPC error when connection to server: New-NetFirewallRule -Name "ShadowProtect Agent" -DisplayName "ShadowProtect Agent" -Enabled True -Profile domain -RemoteAddress

Part 2: Installation and configuration StorageCraft ImageManager:

1. Download StorageCraft ImageManager from Latest sowtware Updates section
2. Install StorageCraft ImageManager on HV
3. Open StorageCraft ImageManager on HV and configure notifications on failure to email to address: imfailures@... and send test email.
4. Under Agent Settings add Default Folder Credentials
5. “Cleanup consolidated monthly image files (-cm)” should be checked.
6. “Move consolidated daily and weekly image files to a subdirectory instead of deleting them” should be unchecked.
7. Under Start Managing Folders add all folders on the NAS and make descriptions.
8. Setup Replication Targets if provided.

Part 3: Configuration StorageCraft ShadowControl:

1. Login to the ShadowControl Dashboard and create a new Organization for the client (Tools > Organizations).
2. Download and install ShadowControl Agent on each client server device running installer from: https://SHADOWCONTROLURL:8443/endpoint/installers/>
3. Set hostname in CMD application to SHADOWCONTROLURL and use alternative port 8443.
4. Test to see that the agent is appearing in the dashboard and that we have backup data.
5. Make sure choosing correct MachineType and Tag insite of each enpoint settings.

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